May 20, 2011

Get to Know Motorcycle Officer Patrick Bayani

Ever wonder who that nice officer is on the motorcycle? You know, the person that catches you texting while driving or maybe trying out the abilities of your new sports car? Well, here’s one… 16-year veteran Patrick Bayani.  Here are a few questions to learn more about one of our motor officers.

Name your favorite restaurant in Santa Cruz

Officer Bayani: Without a doubt, it’s McDonald’s on Mission Street (that’s right, McDonald’s!). It’s rare that a day goes by where I’m not enjoying the Big Breakfast Platter or the Quarter Pounder with Cheese.

Favorite sports teams?

Officer Bayani: My favorite local sports team is the minor league San Jose Giants. I really enjoy the fact that you can get close to the players and it has more of a small town feel than a large ballpark (and large ticket prices) feel. On the pro side, I have been a New York Yankees fan since I was a kid. I grew up watching games with my father – it’s one of my best childhood memories.

Favorite thing about working for Santa Cruz Police?

Officer Bayani: Riding a motorcycle. We’re paid for this! But knowing that writing tickets to keep people safe is also a good thing.

Where were you born? What positions have you held at SCPD?

Officer Bayani: I was born on east coast but grew up in San Jose (Navy kid). I graduated from San Jose State University with BS in Admin. Justice and was hired by SCPD in 1995 after attending the police academy. This department affords a lot of opportunities to work in different assignments. During my tenure I’ve worked in patrol, for the Downtown Unit, as a School Resource Officer and Field Training Officer and I’m currently in the Traffic section.  I have a number of specialties and serve as a firearms instructor, chemical agents instructor, on our hostage negotiator’s team and in our honor guard.