May 31, 2011

Get to Know Officer Carter Jones!

It’s hard to imagine a person with a more positive outlook on life than the Santa Cruz born and raised Carter Jones.  Officer Jones is recognized regionally as a narcotics and gang expert and is a constant teaching presence for new officers and community members with questions. We had a few questions of our own about his musical tastes and where you can get a good meal in Santa Cruz.

Tell us about what is on your iPod.

Officer Jones:  Red House – Jimi Hendrix, Supernatural Album – Santana, Various songs by Mike Ness, Social Distortion, Matisyahu and Jack Johnson

What are your favorite things about living and working in Santa Cruz?

Officer Jones:  I grew up here and have a lot of love invested in my hometown.  Santa Cruz isn’t just a place I come to work, I genuinely hope to improve this city and protect the people that live here everyday I come to work.  I like running into, and working with all the people I grew up with around town.  Some are nurses in the ER, or members of AMR, Santa Cruz Fire (Josh Coleman, Cody Muhly, and Brandon Yamasaki to name a few), or over working at the Sheriff’s Office, Capitola PD.  It’s kind of like an extended family.

Where does a guy like you get his nourishment?

Officer Jones: I’m a big fan of Charlie Hong Kong, Betty Burger, Los Perico’s Taqueria, and Linda’s Seabreeze Café.  These places serve great food and have a wonderful atmosphere. 

Name a secret location in Santa Cruz

Officer Jones: For a secret spot, nothing beats being half a mile out in the ocean on a paddleboard as a pod of porpoises come swimming by, or a harbor seal comes over to see what you’re doing. 

49ers or Raiders? Giants or A’s? Why?

Officer Jones: 49ers and Giants!  As a kid, I always grew up watching Will Clark, Kevin Mitchell, and Jose Uribe so the Giants have a soft spot in my heart.  As for the 49ers, they are my local favorite.  I lived in Chicago for a few years, so the Chicago Bears are my true NFL team, but when it comes to the 49ers, you can’t dismiss one of the great football dynasties like the 49ers.  With players like Ronnie Lott and Jerry Rice, you have to love the die hard work ethic they had!

What is your most memorable case?

Officer Jones: One of my best memories is arresting the same person several times for drug charges over a five year period.  I never thought they would be able to turn their life around, but they proved me wrong and I’m glad they did.  One of my proudest moments is seeing them around town with their child and knowing that they have been sober and off drugs for over two years.

How about a little more about yourself for our readers?  Hobbies? Where were you born?  

Officer Jones:  I was born and raised here in Santa Cruz, and attended college at Sonoma State University.  I then moved to Chicago and eventually made my way back home to Santa Cruz.  I went to the College of San Mateo for the police academy and started on patrol, but have held positions in a narcotics and gang unit, dive team, tactical team, and currently serve as a field training officer.  My hobbies include traveling just about anywhere and anything to do with the outdoors.