May 24, 2011

Get to Know SCPD Officer Bill Azua!

 There is a saying in the Police Department that “everyone knows Bill Azua.” From foot patrols to community meetings to giving out his personal cell phone to residents Bill Azua embodies the community-oriented policing ethic that SCPD strives to personify. He is a noted drug and gang expert and lends his knowledge freely to officers throughout the ranks.

      Name your favorite location in Santa Cruz
      Officer Azua: My favorite spot in the city of Santa Cruz is the Beach Flats where I began my career    working foot patrol and getting to know the residents there. I believe that through all the hard work done by Police Department a significant change has been made for the surrounding community and residents.

        What is your favorite thing about working for the City of Santa Cruz? 
       Officer Azua: I have worked for the city Santa Cruz since I was 19 years of age, starting out my career as a Beach Ranger and then becoming a Police Officer. I have been fortunate to work with several narcotic task force agencies. Truly, I’ve done a lot of cool things. I guess working this long you can see your efforts pay off.

       What is your most memorable case and best partnership?
     Officer Azua: My biggest case was being assigned to a taskforce last summer called “Operation Southern Exposure”. Working with state and federal partners we arrested several high profile gang members and several high level drug dealers. My best partnership? That’s easy… working with my fellow officers.            

Where were you born? What positions have you held?  
Officer Azua: I was born in Watsonville and graduated from Watsonville High School in 1986. The most memorable position I’ve held would be training our current Deputy Chief Rick Martinez as a Seaside Security Officer for the Boardwalk It was a few years ago but I still remind him that I trained him…