June 6, 2011

Ask The Chief!

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It is my sense is that the Cyprus Lounge has not acted in good faith as a member of our downtown community. I have personally spoke with the owner, as well as with the security staff at their night-time events and have expressed our neighborhood’s many frustrations. I have seen little to indicate they take our many complaints seriously. One of the most vexing issues is that their customers come to their establishment equipped and prepared to drink on the street! I assume the event cover charge includes a drink or two but after that they return to their cars to drink throughout the night from their own stores. Also I am personally upset that Cyprus does such a poor job cleaning up after themselves. For example, the bottles, trash, vomit and cigarette butts that get discarded in front of their business Saturday night are usually still there several days later. I find it rude and insulting when virtually everyone else in the neighborhood works so hard to keep our streets clean and safe. By way of contrast, the (another local establishment) always sweeps up last night’s mess early in the next morning. Not so the Cyprus Lounge. I can also report, as the official graffiti abatement czar of Chestnut-Union that there has been considerably more graffiti and stickering to clean up since the Cyprus expanded its late-night hours. And don’t get me started about the uptick in real crime in our neighborhood. With so many more non-resident people coming and going late at night is it any surprise that break-ins to parked cars is through the roof in our neighbor (we ourselves have had two cars broken into this last year, both my vehicles have had windows smashed, and possessions stolen at significant cost in repairs and replacement).

Please add my voice to the growing tumult against this inconsiderate business.

Dear Community Member:

Thank you for your letter. You are not the first to express your concerns over this property and my staff has been keeping me regularly-updated on the issues neighbors have been facing. I will make sure that our downtown Lieutenant, Larry Richard, and some of my management staff sees your concerns.  

I relayed your concerns about the Cypress Lounge to the City’s Planning Department.  A review of the Cypress Lounge conditions of approval has been tentatively scheduled for the July 6th Zoning Administrator meeting at the Santa Cruz City Council Chambers.  I suggest contacting the Planning Department the week prior to the scheduled Zoning Administrator meeting to confirm the date and time of the meeting.  

I cannot stress enough the importance of your outreach and organization of your neighborhood regarding this issue.  Without your calls and letters we would not be able to help you address these concerns. I truly commend your work in the area and would like to thank you again for reaching out to me.

Kevin Vogel
Chief of Police