June 21, 2011

Behind the Scenes: Records

Even young children know what police officers do, but few in the community know what happens behind the scenes at the Police Department. Many men and women work every day out of the public's eye to support our community and Department. Some of the hardest working, and most integral, are in our Records Division. We want to give you a behind the scenes look today at Records!
Arrestees charged with major offenses present a higher threat to the community and should remain in jail custody until their court date.  The District Attorney’s Office (DA) must present sufficient evidence of this threat within 48 hours of the arrest.  Helping the DA’s office meet the 48-hour deadline is the highest priority of Police Records Technicians (PRTs).
At 7:00am each morning, PRTs research recent arrests.  They transcribe dictated report narratives and hunt down documents contributed from officers assigned to different units, all at various stages of review and within different areas of our facility.  They make sure that all documents are located, assembled, reviewed, approved, processed and transmitted to the DA.   At some point after meeting their deadline (and only then!), they enjoy their first sip of coffee.
Records employees enter missing persons, stolen vehicles, restraining orders and more into state and national databases.  They respond to resulting contacts from various law enforcement agencies when stolen property has been recovered or people have been contacted or located.   They process investigative documents, arrest warrant notifications, forms for registration of convicted sex, arson and narcotic offenders and more.   They assign crime tips for follow-up, assist detectives and prepare statistical reports.  
Records prepares thousands of essential documents each year - and plays absolutely integral role in our department - all to ensure our community stays safe!
How can Records help you? 
Call Records at 420-5870 between 7:00am and 4:30pm any day of the year whenever:
  • You’ve been a victim of a crime and have questions about getting a copy of your report.
  • You’re considering moving into a neighborhood and want to know what types of incidents have occurred there.
  • You have questions or concerns but don’t know where to start.  But remember – if you EVER need a police officer response (regardless of what the reason is)  call 9-1-1. You can also visit our lobby between 9:00am and 4:00pm Monday through Thursday where you will be greeted by, you guessed it, someone from Records!