June 18, 2011

Get to Know Detective Dave Gunter!

It's an unfortunate fact that things get stolen and it can be sinking feeling to come home and notice things are missing. When you call the Police Department, you might very well receive Detective Dave Gunter as the friendly voice on the other end of the line. Detective Gunter works in Property Crimes for the Investigations Section. And when he's not trying to get your stuff back (or catch the bad guys) he's answering a few questions for us so you can get to know your detectives better!

First off, a sports question. 49ers or Raiders? Giants or A's?

Detective Gunter:  I am a 49ers faithful since as far back as I can remember.  Watching Montana, Dwight Clark, Jerry Rice and Ronnie Lott their work ethic and teamwork has just stuck with me.  I still go to games on a regular basis and hopeful that there will be a 2011 Season for all fans to enjoy.   Giants or A’s? Well, I hate to disappoint most folks but I am actually a San Diego Padres fan.  Nothing quite like watching a game at Petco Park and then my kids actually getting to talk with players after a game. 

What is your favorite movie?

Detective Gunter: The best movie of all time? The Good, the bad, and the Ugly.  The movie title alone best represents life itself and always trying to see the good in all first before everything else when possible.

In your opinion what is the best part about working for SCPD?

Detective Gunter: The best part of working for SCPD is being able to make a difference on a daily basis.  We are encouraged and expected to be out with the community listening to issues that we can address and offer possible solutions to making this truly a great place to work.

Tell us a little about your background with the PD.

Detective Gunter: Since I have been with SCPD I have worked Downtown, a Grenadier on the Crowd Control Team, a Field Training Officer, a Firearms and Chemical Agent Instructor, work in the Traffic Division  and am currently a Detective.  When not working I enjoy Coaching youth athletics mainly basketball and baseball.

We know you love Santa Cruz, but when you're not here where is your favorite vacation spot?

Detective Gunter: Definitely has to be the San Diego Area, with Museums, Beaches, Outdoor activities, and great weather year round its hard to be for non-stop family oriented activities. 

Just to rile up some of the readers, Ford, Chevy or Toyota? Why? 

Detective Gunter: Definitely a Jeep thing!  Nothing like taking something you’ve built from the ground up and headed into the mountains for a weekend with friends.  Just like in life your always conquering one obstacle at a time .