June 30, 2011

Learn More About Detective Wes Morey!

The police always know where to eat. Where is your favorite restaurant? How about your favorite secret spot in Santa Cruz?

Detective Morey: My favorite restaurant in Santa Cruz has to be the Crow’s Nest. They have great food and drinks and I love to watch the comedians on Sunday nights. If I told you my favorite secret spot in Santa Cruz, it wouldn’t be a secret anymore.

We know you aren't always at work. So in the wind down time what are your favorite TV shows and movies? 

Detective Morey: TV Shows: Family Guy,
Ice Road
Truckers & The Walking Dead
Movies: No Country for Old Men & Point Of No Return

Building on that, how about places you like to travel?
Detective Morey: Las Vegas & South Lake Tahoe!

Why do you like working for SCPD and the City?

Detective Morey: The Santa Cruz Police Department has very high standards and I am very fortunate to be part of this organization. The best part about working for the Santa Cruz Police Department is the great training we receive. This department keeps your police officers very well-trained and up to date with the community’s needs. I also enjoy working with professional and dedicated officers that make up your Police Department.

Santa Cruz is a great community who genuinely cares about the city. The citizens of Santa Cruz take an active role in crime prevention. No group of citizens do this better than Santa Cruz Neighbors. I enjoy attending Santa Cruz Neighbors meetings and hearing from the citizens about concerns and ideas they have to share. I feel Santa Cruz is not just a beach town; it is a progressive community with unique ideas and great citizens.

Lastly, what is your background that brought you into this field?

Detective Morey: I moved to Santa Cruz during middle school and attended Soquel High School in the early 90’s. After graduation, I joined the United States Marine Corps. I was stationed in the southern California desert and my main job was a machine gun mechanic on tanks (M1A1 Abrams). It was quite a transition from fixing machine guns on tanks to serving the community of Santa Cruz as a Police Officer. I have worked for the Santa Cruz Police Department for 10 years and plan on ending my career in this wonderful community.