July 3, 2011

Department PRIDE Program Featured in City Mailer

The department's PRIDE Program, a ten-week program that targets at-risk youth, was featured in a City mailer sent to all households and businesses. The mailer was the City's first Annual Report, a state of the City that provided insight into strategic goals, stats and more.

The program works with school administrators, parents and students at the middle school level. These students are generally viewed as at-risk for negative behaviors (including gang activity, violence and drugs). The first five weeks of the program is dedicated to bad decision making - with trips to the local jails and a funeral home meeting people that regret these decisions. But the second half is dedicated to good decision making - with trips to local universities, sports programs and more. Students are paired with mentors in the program that help showcase these good decisions. So far the success rate has been outstanding - with students graduating from the program showing improved behaviors and grades at school.

For information on volunteering or contributing to the PRIDE program, please contact Sgt. Harms or Officer Hernandez at (831) 420-5870.