July 7, 2011

Learn more about Police Volunteer Patricia Whitlock!

Today we'd like to feature another one of our wonderful volunteers: Patricia Whitlock. Patricia was one of the first to sign-up and has been doing a significant amount of work on behalf of our agency and community. It's inspiring to see people like her give so much of their time and heart to our agency and community!
Here are a few questions and answers so you can get to know Patricia better!

What inspired you to volunteer for Santa Cruz Police?

Patricia: I volunteered with the police department when Bishop Richard Garcia of the Diocese of Monterey asked the parishes to establish a relationship with the public safety officers to help stop gang violence in our communities.

If you could tell the community one thing about yourself what would it be? 

Patricia:  I would tell them that I believe all children should be encouraged and loved as much as possible.

What is the most interesting or coolest thing you've done while at SCPD? 

Patricia: The coolest thing I have done while at the PD is the honor of attending the Red Cross Heroes

Award Breakfast where Officer Joe Hernandez and Officer Matt Mulvihill received awards for being Heroes of the Year.

What are your favorite movies and TV shows? 

Patricia: My favorite movies are: An Affair to Remember, Primal Fear and Thunderheart.  My favorite TV shows are: George Lopez and the new Hawaii 5-0!

What is your favorite restaurant in Santa Cruz?

Patricia: My favorite restaurant unfortunately didn't make it to Santa Cruz.  It is In N Out Burger!

Want to volunteer? Contact Sgt. Mike Harms and he'll get the process started!