September 29, 2011

Department Begins Preparations for Halloween

While it is more than a month away the Santa Cruz Police Department has been setting the ground work for this year's Halloween. As with previous years, downtown will face road closures and a safety enhancement (triple fine) zone. The Department focuses on a very proactive enforcement of laws to attempt to maintain a peaceful environment in the area. Here is an overview of enforcement from last year:

▪ 40 total arrests on Pacific Avenue
▪ 23 triple fine violations
▪ 80 percent of total arrests were for public intoxication
▪ Over 200 calls-for-service outside of downtown on Halloween

We encourage anyone interested in coming downtown for Halloween to play safe and stay sober. Overwhelmingly, the issues we face are alcohol-fueled on that evening.

A map of the triple fine zone can be found below: