September 15, 2011

Santa Cruz Police Celebrate With Dominican Hospital

This week the Santa Cruz Police Department joined Dominican Hospital in celebrating its 70th anniversary.  The hospital has served as the primary emergency medical facility for officers injured in the line of duty from bumps and bruises to serious injuries.  For the Police Department, the hospital has served as more than just a medical facility.  The Police Department interfaces with Dominican Hospital in many ways.  The hospital has been involved in many important community issues that cross lines with police services.  For example, Dominican Hospital dedicated thousands of dollars for the county-wide Serial Inebriate Program to help keep chronic alcoholics off the street, and get the necessary treatment.  Additionally, Dominican Hospital has housed the Behavioral Health Unit, where officers take individuals with mental health issues, for assessment and treatment  when they are a danger to themselves or the community.  

As part of the celebration, Deputy Chief Rick Martinez and other SCPD officials attended a ceremony at the hospital.  Additionally, the Santa Cruz Police Department was treated to a bag of goodies that included among other things a living well book and honey from the hospital’s organic garden.  The bag was presented by Sister Beth Butler and Sister Mary Ellen Leciejewski on a tour at the department with Deputy Chief Steve Clark.  Congratulations to Dr. Nanette Mickiewicz and her team at Dominican Hospital.  Together we celebrate their, "Spirit of Giving and Mission of Service."