November 21, 2011

Sgt. Mike Harms Receives 2011 Community Hero Award

Officer Joe Hernandez and Sergeant Mike Harms

The United Way Community Assessment Project of Santa Cruz County announced their 2011 Community Heroes this morning.  The Santa Cruz Police Department is pleased to announce that our very own Sergeant Mike Harms was selected to be a Community Hero for his work this past year in the area of public safety.  Over the past year, Sergeant Harms has actively created, facilitated and hosted prevention and positive social activities for youth in our community.  Sergeant Harms was instrumental in the creation of the first-ever Santa Cruz Police Department Teen Police Academy.  He helped facilitate the P.R.I.D.E. Program, which is designed to demonstrate to at-risk youth the positive outcomes that may result from making good choices and the negative outcomes that may result from making poor choices.  This past summer, Sergeant Harms helped organize a youth fair at Depot Park in conjunction with Mercy Housing.  Sergeant Harms has been a driving force in the re-creation of the Santa Cruz Police Department’s Community Services Section.  The Community Services Section is recognized as a premier community outreach arm with a special focus on youth.  Please join all of us at the Santa Cruz Police Department in congratulating Sergeant Mike Harms for being the recipient of a United Way Community Assessment Project of Santa Cruz County 2011 Community Hero Award.