January 10, 2012

Violent Crime Stats: 2011 Recap

Over the next few weeks the Santa Cruz Police Department will be analyzing calls-for-service in 2011. Last week, we took a look at party/noise calls and bike thefts. Yesterday, we provided an overview of the number of injury accidents in our jurisdiction. Today, we are taking a look at violent crime data from Part 1 crimes provided in Uniform Crime Reports (UCR). UCR data is provided by all agencies as a comparison tool. It includes crimes against property (like burglary) and crimes against people (such as a robbery). Here are the stats (with a comparison to 2010):

                     2010                  2011             % Change
Homicide         6                       1                    -83%
Rape              31                      24                  -23%
Robbery        120                    113                 -6%
Agg. Assault  396                    343                 -13%

Overall Part 1 Violent Crime Change from 2010-2011 = -13%

You can see more UCR Data on our website by clicking here.