February 9, 2012

Get to Know Your Neighborhood Group: Lower Seabright Neighbors

The Santa Cruz Police Department values its relationships with local neighborhood organizations. Today we wanted to feature another local neighborhood - the Lower Seabright Neighbors. 
Santa Cruz Police: When were you founded?

Lower Seabright Neighbors: We have been in existence for approximately 12 years. 

Santa Cruz Police: What is the general area covered by your group?

Lower Seabright Neighbors: Our designated area is from the corner of Pine and Seabright to East Cliff - along the rail road tracks, then down Buena Vista to Pine/Seabright. We cover a relatively small territory.

Santa Cruz Police: What are some of your neighborhood’s accomplishments?

Lower Seabright Neighbors: We have been successful with eliminating the campsites along the railroad tracks. Any new people are reported to the Parks and Recreation Department, who help clear them out. Another focus has been our attempt to tidy up our curbsides and alley-ways. We have worked with owner-occupied and absentee landlords/ladies on alley debris, garbage collection of orphaned cans and proper storage. We "haunt" the street sweeper when we hear him coming on Friday mornings, and quickly move our cars to get the most out of the sweeper's visit. We figure that if we have a pleasant curb-side appeal, then we convey the message: "We care and we keep an eye on our neighborhood". We are really good at coming together when needed; we look out for each other and we love our City sponsored Block Parties!

Santa Cruz Police: Have you partnered at all with our department?

Lower Seabright Neighbors: Over the years our group has had a lot of interactions with the police. There have been peeping toms, rapes, problem patrons from the many bars, the impact of 4th of July fireworks, a series of burglaries, and fireworks going off at random times throughout the year. The police have had meetings us and together we have created a calmer neighborhood. Whenever we have a heightened criminal situation and have requested extra police patrol we have noticed there has been a response to the extra need with police cars driving through our streets-- which calms us and makes criminals nervous.

Santa Cruz Police: What things you would like to see improved?

Lower Seabright Neighbors: There are a lot of great City Service resources available to the neighborhoods unfortunately they don't get enough attention. Maybe there is a way to highlight them more? In our neighborhood we have a lot of absentee house owners; it would be great to have multi-layered outreach to point out that they are a part of our neighborhood even though they don't live here. 

Santa Cruz Police: How people can get involved with your group?
Lower Seabright Neighbors: To become a member of our group, send a request to: lower_seabright@googlegroups.com - Get to know your neighbors, take time to schmooze!