July 16, 2012

Illegal Campsite Enforcement Efforts

Last Monday, the Police Department initiated a collaborative effort with Parks & Recreation and Public Works to eradicate illegal campsite locations throughout the city.  In the first week of this project, the following was accomplished:
  • 79 Citations Issued
  • 25 Arrests
  • 49 Campsites Identified and Posted with Warnings to Vacate
  • 17 Campsite Locations Cleaned Out
Among the significant arrests was a person who failed to register as a sex offender.  Also arrested was a person found in possession of heroin for sales, and another found in possession of illegal weapons. 

The “posted” campsites will be scheduled for later cleanup.  Police and Parks & Rec staff worked with CalTrans to eradicate campsites in the Highway 1 and Highway 17 interchange.  All of those campsites have been cleaned out.  We will continue to check for new campsites appearing in and around this area.     

We have received a number of tips from our Illegal Campsite Hotline.  Community members are encouraged to report illegal campsite locations in the City of Santa Cruz.   
Call (831) 420-5892.