July 1, 2012

Online Crime Reporting - Six Month Overview

In June, 214 reports were filed online using our online crime reporting system (called CopLogic). You can view the program here.   The most common crime type reported (about 48%) was petty theft followed by vehicle burglary and vandalism. All other eligible crime types were under 5%.

In the first six months of the year (January-June) 1109 online reports were filed. Of those reports, 38% were for petty theft, 19% for vehicle burglary and 11% for vandalism. Other reports include lost property, vehicle tampering, hit and run, grand theft, identity theft and harassing phone calls. Since implementing the system approximately 15% of all crime reports are now filed via the online system.

The report system is estimated to save $7,000-9,000/month in staff time.