August 28, 2012

SCPD Most Wanted: Week of August 28th

Santa Cruz Police Most Wanted: Week of August 28th

Suspect:  Philip Willis
Description: 31 years-old,6’01”, 200 pounds, brown hair, brown eyes.  “Erin” Tattooed on left side of neck.
Resident: Unknown-Frequents Sheldon Street,  Santa Cruz 
Crime:  Parole Violation Warrant and felony warrant for Stolen Property (bail) $20,000

Note:  Mr. Willis has violated his Parole terms and failed to show up for scheduled court appearance. He has prior arrests for vehicle thefts. On August 25th, Mr. Willis was spotted in the beach area of Santa Cruz. He ran from the police and is still outstanding. If you know his whereabouts please contact SCPD Investigations at 831.420.5820 or leave a tip via our website or mobile apps.