October 10, 2012

Halloween Road Closures and Safety Enhancement Zone

While it is still three weeks away the Santa Cruz Police Department has been setting the ground work for this year's Halloween for the last few months. As with previous years, downtown will face road closures and a safety enhancement (triple fine) zone. The Department focuses on a very proactive enforcement of laws to attempt to maintain a peaceful environment in the area. Here is an overview of enforcement from last year:

50 Total Arrests
· 34 for public intoxication/alcohol related (2 Juveniles)
· domestic violence, possession of a concealed weapon, possession of a switchblade knife, drug possession, parole violations/warrants, resisting arrest

49 Triple Fine Municipal Code Violations
·open container violations, urinating in public

We encourage anyone interested in coming downtown for Halloween to play safe and stay sober. Overwhelmingly, the issues we face are alcohol-fueled on that evening.

A map of the triple fine zone can be found below: