November 16, 2012

Missing Persons - With Risk Factors

On 11-5-2012 Jason Joslyn was involved in a verbal argument (locally) with his wife and ended up leaving the area with his two year old daughter. Lisa Joslyn, the wife of Jason, was left with their 2 month-old daughter.  She was later arrested (the next day) for child endangerment of their daughter and is still in custody over that charge. The daughter was taken into protective custody by CPS after being found unattended in a known drug/alcohol home.  Mrs. Joslyn was found to be intoxicated at the time.

The whereabouts of Mr. Joslyn and their 2 year-old daughter is unknown. Their last known official residence was in the state of Florida and they came to California via Santa Barbara County approximately 6 months ago. 

SCPD investigators are attempting to locate Mr. Joslyn and their 2 year-old daughter to confirm the welfare of the child. Mr. Joslyn was last known to be in San Francisco on 11/7/2012. It is believed he is heading north to either Humboldt County and SCPD Investigators are working with authorities in that area to verify that information. There is no known associated vehicle with Mr. Joslyn. If you have seen him or know his whereabouts please contact SCPD Investigations at 831.420.5820 or leave a tip on our mobile apps or website.