December 19, 2012

SCPD Joins National Bike Registry

The Santa Cruz Police Department is now registered with the National Bike Registry. The Registry will work in tandem with local registration efforts to help reunite stolen or lost bikes with their owners. 

The Police Department recovers hundreds of bike that have not been claimed or identified as stolen. Often these bikes aren't registered or no identifying information about the bike is maintained by the owner. Through the National Bike Registry bike owners register their bikes by serial number in the national database. If the bike is ever stolen, it can be more easily identified and returned to the owner.

The Santa Cruz Police Department is meeting with local  bike shop owners to discuss how new bike owners could register their new purchases at the time of purchase, therefore in the event the bike is stolen, the data will be readily available and searchable in the National Bike Registry database and local police database.

Our department encourages everyone to register their bike to help us reunite the bike with you should it be stolen or lost. If you have any questions, please contact SCPD Property Crimes [Investigations Bureau] at 831.420.5820