March 30, 2013

A Poem to Honor Butch and Beth by Ted Rossiter

Ted Rossiter works for the Information Technology Division within the City of Santa Cruz Administrative Services Department.  Ted has been a friend and supporter of the Santa Cruz Police Department for a long time.  Following the tragic and unexpected loss of Butch and Beth on February 26th and after sitting near SCPD staff at the memorial service at HP Pavilion on March 7th, Ted was inspired to write a poem and share it with me.  I was so touched by Ted's poem that I have decided to share it on our blog.  Please take the time to read it.  I think you will find it to be a tremendously inspiring poem written by a good friend.  Thank you Ted!

With much gratitude, 
Chief Kevin Vogel

                 Thank You SCPD    

Thank you SCPD for working so vigilantly
To Chief Vogel who’s lead the PD, 105 and 172 so well
Thank you SCPD  for defending our community
To Chief Vogel you have inspired people, made hearts swell

Thank you SCPD because of you we sleep peacefully
To Butch Baker, joker, prankster and troublemaker
Thank you SCPD for dealing with what others don’t want to see
To Butch Baker, husband, father, officer, peacemaker

Thank you SCPD for caring and giving of yourselves
To Elizabeth Butler, advocate, defender and nurturer
Thank you SCPD for choosing a job you all do so well
To Elizabeth Butler, partner, mother, officer, recruiter

Thank you SCPD without you all there would be no SC
To Steve Clark the one asked to do so difficult a task
Thank you SCPD for believing in each other, good and justice
To Steve Clark...Governor, Paul Shaffer, comedian at last

Thank you SCPD for answering each and every call
To Dave Perry leader of the Honor Guard through it all
Thank you SCPD for everywhere through everything, years and all
To Dave Perry standing proud, straight, true and tall

Thank you SCPD for having such bravery
To Zach Friend for returning to help us all
Thank you SCPD for being a symbol for all to see
To Zach Friend inviting extended family to one and all

Thank you SCPD for continuing on through
To SCPD members new, current and old
Thank you SCPD for giving us all of you
To SCPD I dedicate this to two officers returned to the fold

by Ted Rossiter