March 2, 2013

Purple Heart Medal Left for Fallen Officers

Purple Heart Medal Left by Unidentified Soldier

On Thursday we discovered a very touching and honoring gift left at the memorial for our officers.  Pinned to a small teddy bear was an actual Purple Heart medal.  The medal was left by a soldier who earned it while risking their life and being wounded in battle defending our freedom.  

This is no small gift.  The immense sacrifice of this unidentified soldier is represented in this medal they earned.  The heroism and courage brought forth to earn this medal is deeply understood by the members of our police department.  The words escape us to adequately describe how honored we are that you would choose these officers to offer this gift.  We retrieved the medal and will store it safely for our officers’ families. 

In an anonymous message we learned the meaning behind the gift.  The message read:

The teddy bear reflects the love of our community for the police and all the work they endure during their shifts, the red ribbon reflects the precious blood shed in the line of duty, the Purple Heart is for the sacrifice above and beyond the call of duty, when one loses their life for the protection of others and the greater good.  I know you will understand. 

Whoever you are, we know you are a Sentry watching over our City, State and Country…and you too are worthy of honor.