May 21, 2013

Dispatcher's Stitches Help the Healing

Dispatcher Kristine Ebersole created a beautiful banner quilt to honor the memory of Sergeant Butch Baker and Detective Elizabeth Butler.  Kristine Writes:
 “I awoke early on the 29th of February with my heart breaking.  In my sadness and shock, I was moved to create something that expressed my grief and respect at the same time.  This quilt was hand made with love and respect in honor of Sgt. Butch Baker 105 & Det. Elizabeth Butler 172 by Dispatcher Kristine Ebersole, SCR911. 2/29/13”
 Kristine presented the finished quilt to Chief Vogel last week.   

If you look closely, you can see where she stitched in the words “Protect & Serve” and “EOW 2-26-13”.  Nice work Kristine!!

We are honored to display this beautiful quilt made with care and love from Kristine.