June 24, 2013

Beware of New Telephone & Computer SCAM

Beware of a new telephone and computer scam making its way through the city.  So far, they have claimed 2 victims.  Here’s how it works:

The caller claims to be a representative of Microsoft.  They will sound like a remote call center.  The caller will attempt to sell you a virus protection product from Microsoft.  They will ask for your credit card for the sale.

 If you do not want to purchase the product they offer to give you a FREE TRIAL which they will DOWNLOAD and INSTALL REMOTELY.  DON’T DO THIS!!! 

The caller will direct you to “View My PC” and have you download that product.  They will then ask for access codes to your computer.  The caller will tell you not to touch your computer because the download and installation process will take a few hours.

When you come back to your computer, you will find they are conducting financial transactions on your computer with your money and accounts.  

We cannot say this enough…..
  1. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER give access codes to anyone over the phone that you do not personally know.
  2. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER allow the remote download and install of any product you do not know. 
  3. Report suspicious calls and sales scams.   
Information is a commodity in the criminal world.  Don’t be an easy target for them. 
If it sounds suspicious…it is!

If it sounds too good to be true….it is!