June 14, 2013

Great Work by Our Detectives - Elder Abuse and Drug House Shut Down

On Thursday June 13, 2013, Santa Cruz Police Detectives served a search warrant at a home in the 400 block of La Fonda Avenue.

The search warrant was issued as Detectives were investigating tips of illegal drug sales, elder abuse and a possible chop shop for bicycles at the home.

Detectives found the owner of the residence, a 59 year old dependent adult, lying in his own urine and feces. The 59 year old owner of the property is wheelchair bound.  Due to his health and the deplorable condition of the house, he was hospitalized for observation and care.

It was determined the individuals staying at the residence were taking advantage of the homeowner.  Numerous people were coming and going from the house and using the home as a base to conduct criminal activity. Additionally, the individuals failed to provide the most basic of care for the dependent homeowner.

In the course of the search warrant, Detectives found over 30 intact bicycles and over 50 dismantled bicycles on the property. Other property was seized and being processed to determine ownership status.

Seven individuals were contacted and arrested for numerous charges including sales of heroin and methamphetamine, illegal drug possession, drug paraphernalia and elder abuse.
Detectives worked closely with the city Planning Department and Code Compliance.  The house was red-tagged with over a dozen violations making the home inhabitable.  

Here are the arrestees:

Shana DiMartino – 37 yrs Santa Cruz Resident 

Arrested for (1) Possession of Heroin-11350H&S, (2) Possession of Drug Paraphernalia -  11364.1 H&S, (3) Probation Violation-1203.2PC, (4) Elder Abuse-368PC, (5) Maintain Drug House- 11366 H&S, (6) Failure to Report Elder Abuse-15630(h) W&I and  (6) Violating a Court Order-166PC.

Susan Husted – 49 yrs, Santa Cruz Resident

Arrested for (1) Elder Abuse-368PC, (2) Failure to Report Elder Abuse-15630(h) W&I, (3) Probation Violation-1203.2PC, (4) Maintain Drug House- 11366 H&S and (5) 166PC- violating a court order.

John Dowden – 52 yrs, Santa Cruz Resident 

Arrested for (1) Possession of Methamphetamine-11377 H&S, (2) Elder Abuse- 368PC, (3) Possession of Drug Paraphernalia-11364.1 H&S, (4) Failure to Report Elder Abuse-15630(h) W&I, and (5) Probation Violation-1203.2PC.

Adelma Dowden – 48 yrs, Santa Cruz Resident 

 Arrested for misdemeanor warrant-485PC, elder abuse- 368PC, possession of stolen property- 496PC, trespassing- 602PC, failure to report elder abuse-15630(h) W&I, maintain drug house- 11366 H&S,  and probation violation-1203.2PC

Aaron Hamrick – 37 yrs, Santa Cruz Resident
Arrested for (1) Possession of Narcotics for Sale- 11351H&S,  (2) Transporting Narcotics-11352H&S, (3) Selling Within 1000 feet of a School- 11353.6 H&S, (4) Possession of Controlled Substance for Sale-11378H&S, (5) Transporting a Controlled Substance-11379H&S, (6) Felon in Possession of a Stun Gun-22610(A)PC, (7) Failure to Report Elder Abuse-15630(h) W&I, (8) Elder Abuse- 368PC and (9) Maintain Drug House- 11366 H&S

Perry Brown – 42 yrs, santa Cruz Resident 

Arrested for outstanding warrants

Jodi Widman – 30 yrs, Santa Cruz Resident 

Arrested for (1) Possession of Methamphetamine 11377H&S, (2) Possession of Heroin 11350 H&S, and (3) 148PC – Resisting Arrest/Delaying an Officer.

Thanks to our tipsters and the hard work of our Detectives for shutting down this neighborhood nuisance, and for getting the victim the care he needs.  Keep those tips coming and we'll keep working the cases.