July 26, 2013

Defense Attorney Chases Down Thief Stealing The Attorney's Bike

Interesting Call of the Day

On Thursday afternoon around 1:45 a local defense attorney was walking back to his office in the 300 block of Soquel Avenue.  As he approaches his office, he sees a person riding away on a bicycle.

Then it hits him….hey, that’s my bike.

The defense attorney gives chase and calls 9-1-1.  Over his cell phone, he gives a description of the suspect and the direction of travel while running after the suspect.  By the way, defense attorneys make excellent witnesses.  He gave a great description of the suspect and direction of travel.

Responding officers set a perimeter and capture the suspect as he is riding up the San Lorenzo River levee.

It turns out our suspect was in possession of the victim’s bike, cable cutters, a syringe and meth.  The bicycle was locked to a rack outside the attorney’s office.  Mr. Kelly used his cable cutters to free the bike from the rack. Here is Mr. Kelly's booking photo

Mr Kelly is a 54 year old transient.  His history with us includes several municipal code citations mostly for open containers of alcohol and trespassing.

We are pleased the bicycle was recovered and Mr. Kelly went to jail.  We are curious who his attorney will be???