July 15, 2013

Santa Cruz Police Use of PredPol Featured on German Television News Show

The Santa Cruz Police Department was featured on German Television’s ARD Network on their morning news program.  Think of it as the German equivalent to “Good Morning America” with a more serious news focus.  

 Deputy Chief Steve Clark with ARD crew Felix Klopp, Karin Dohr, Oliver Richardt, and Robin Neumann

Reporter Karin Dohr and her crew spent some time with Deputy Chief Steve Clark learning about the Predictive Policing (PredPol) program, and then seeing it in action firsthand.  During the filming, Steve made contact with a group in front of McDonald's on Ocean St, right in the middle of a PredPol zone.  The contact paid off, as everyone was on probation and one suspect was taken into custody for possession of a stolen bicycle that was taken in a burglary of a locked shed at a residence.

You will have to brush up on your colloquial German, but here are a couple of links to the story:

Our use of the PredPol program has been featured in international news stories from Argentina, Korea, Germany, United Kingdom, and France.  Austrian TV and the Aljazeera network have submitted requests to do news stories as well.