August 26, 2013

6 Months Later We Still Mourn for Butch & Elizabeth

Today marks 6 months since we lost Sergeant Butch Baker and Detective Elizabeth Butler.  We still feel the sting of that wound left on our hearts and souls here at the Santa Cruz Police Department.  In some ways it feels like this happened just yesterday, while in others it feels like a long time ago. 

Each day we are moving forward.  The men and women of the Santa Cruz Police Department are the finest anywhere.  They are strong and resilient.  They understand that each day they will honor the legacy of Butch and Elizabeth in the service they bring.
As a community, we will continue to heal together as we move forward and learn from this tragic event.  We will not let it defeat our spirit, but rather use the lessons to make us stronger. 

We are grateful and inspired by the community members that have stood by us and shown their support in immeasurable ways….Thank You! 

We have started the plans for a permanent memorial here at the Police Department to properly honor Butch and Elizabeth.   They may not be here physically, but they will forever remain with each one of us, every time we hit the beat.