August 13, 2013

Predictive Policing International Day of Action

Announcing International Predictive Policing 
Day of Action

A Chance for the Community to Get Involved

The Santa Cruz Police Department was the first in the world to implement Predictive Policing technology.  Our efforts led to PredPol, a tool now widely used throughout the United States and also in the United Kingdom.

On Wednesday August 14th, we are teaming with all of the other agencies using PredPol, for our first International PredPol Day of Action or “All Out PredPol”.

The plan is to get as much positive and healthy activity and presence in each of the PredPol zones.  To accomplish this, we are teaming with our public safety partners and community groups to activate these areas.

On Wednesday morning, we will run the PredPol maps for the day in each of the targeted crime categories.  Those maps will be distributed to our public safety partners and neighborhood groups through Santa Cruz Neighbors and Take Back Santa Cruz.  Our goal is to maximize presence in and around these areas and have a positive impact on crime and the overall quality of life.  We won’t know the locations until that morning when PredPol runs the reports for that day. 

Above is an example of a PredPol Map 

We’re asking our neighborhood groups to join with us and be the eyes and ears in these areas.  We’ll ask you to report any anecdotes and observations to my email:
We will post the information on our Facebook and blog. 

We are looking forward to joining all the other cities across the U.S. and U.K. using this tool and working together to make a difference in Santa Cruz.