August 6, 2013

Second Straight Month of Crime Rate Declines

Perhaps it doesnt seem like it, with all the crime being reported, but here is some good news on the crime front.  

For the second straight month, crime rates have declined or stayed level in many of our major crime categories when compared to last year.  Overall crime has declined by 12% year-to-date.  Here's the numbers:

Crime Category June-13 July-13
Rape -80% -40%
Robbery -25% -20%
Aggravated Assault Even -38%
Burglary -33% -7%
Larceny -33% -25%
Auto Theft -19% -59%

Not bad considering this is typically the busiest time of year and the most taxing on our police resources.  Good job Santa Cruz!  There is still working to be done.

Our Total Calls for Service this Year-to-Date is: 63,709

We are trending 4% higher than last year's record number of calls for service. 
Working together we can continue to make a different and make our community a safer place to live!