September 30, 2013

Neighborhood Night Block Parties a Success Once Again

Thanks to all the hosts who organized block parties, and all those that participated.  In spite of everything we had going on with police calls, we found time to get by many of the events.

We had a great time touring each of the neighborhoods, saying hello to old friends and meeting new ones.

Deputy Chief Clark had the radar trailer out playing catch and tracking the fastball speeds of many neighborhood kids.  I think there were some dads wanting to take their turn too!

We ran into all kinds of people out and about, even mascot Mav’Riks and other representatives from the Santa Cruz Warriors cruising around on a pedi-cab giving out ice cream.
Overall there were 40 block party events.  It was great to see so many neighbors networking and building relationships to keep our neighborhoods safe and improve our quality of life.

Great Job Everyone!