October 7, 2013

Santa Cruz Police Department Welcomes Our Three Newest Officers.

While they are new to us, each brings years of experience and specialties to the department.  Not only do they bring the experience, but they are a great match for our department and community. 

Deputy Chief Rick Martinez presided over a "Swearing-In" ceremony for the officers last week.   

Officer Leo Gomez comes to us from the Los Angeles Police Department.   Leo brings 8 years of experience with LAPD where he developed a specialty in collision reconstruction. 

Officer Jesse Pidcock made the switch from Scotts Valley Police Department to Santa Cruz.  Jesse has 13 years of experience with Scotts Valley and is known by officers throughout the county for his traffic experience. 

Officer Ben Whaley lands at Santa Cruz after 7 years of experience at the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office.  Following his friend, Officer Ricky Trindade (who defected to us last year) Ben brings expertise in tactical operations and rescue swimming.  Ben served as a U.S. Navy Gunner’s Mate and Rescue swimmer aboard the U.S.S. Bunker Hill. 

Left to Right - Leo Gomez, Jesse Pidcock, Ben Whaley, Deputy Chief Rick Martinez
 All three are finishing up a couple of weeks of orientation before they hit the streets with their training officers.  Because of their experience levels, they will spend only a short time in the training program before they are released as solo patrol officers. 

Please join us in welcoming Leo Gomez, Jesse Pidcock and Ben Whaley.  They will serve this community well.