October 18, 2013

Stolen Puppy Recovered - Suspect Arrested

Yesterday (October 17th) Officers arrested this guy

Daniel Sciucchetti – 18 yrs, Transient

Mr. Sciuccheti took the puppy “Boots” from the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter.  Alert employees at PetSmart recognized the stolen dog and called to report him.  

Officers found Mr. Sciuccheti at the Homeless Resource Center with the stolen dog, in a stolen shopping cart from CVS. Major Kudos to the alert PetSmart employees!!!

Mr. Sciucchetti started out by telling us he bought the dog from another person the day before.  When we pointed out that the Animal Shelter had video, he changed his story to state he stole the dog under threat from another homeless man who wanted to trade the dog for drugs.  He had a hard time recalling any details about this “mystery” dog smuggler.

Mr. Sciucchetti did manage to get verbally abusive toward our officers, including at one point asking, “why are you guys (police) such %&@#! to the homeless”. 

Actually, the real question is to Mr. Sciucchetti…..why are you 18 years old, able-bodied and stealing in our community? 

Mr. Sciuchetti was booked for burglary and possession of stolen property.  His history with the police department shows he has been cited 3 times this year for illegal camping.

“Boots” was returned to the shelter….someone go adopt him.