October 25, 2013

Three New Officers Graduate the Police Academy

The Santa Cruz Police Department graduated three new officers from the police academy today.  For the past 22 weeks they have been attending the academy in San Mateo as part of the South Bay Regional Public Safety Consortium (I know….it’s a mouthful). The rigors of academy life are not easy, and not everyone makes it through.  Just graduating is a commendable feat. 

The academy graduates are 

David Rosell, 
Adrienne Heebner

Marcel Cathrein

Prior to joining SCPD, David worked for years as a Deputy Probation Officer at Santa Cruz County Probation.  Adrienne has worked for years as a Dispatcher at the Santa Cruz Regional 911 center.  Marcel worked as a security officer at the Boardwalk just prior to joining our team. 

In the academy they not only learned the basics of police work from A to Z, but they also learned the importance of community service and giving back.  Their academy class (SB 120) raised money for a number of charitable organizations and even worked serving food at Glide Memorial Church. 

The trainees will now enter a 16 week field training program where they will be paired with training officers.  In the field training program they will be challenged once again to pass tests and demonstrate their capabilities on the job.  They will be evaluated daily and required to meet certain benchmarks in their training.  Upon completion of the program they will be assigned to work as solo patrol officers. 
Congratulations to David, Adrienne and Marcel.  We are proud of your accomplishments!