November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013 Statistics

We made it through another Halloween here in Santa Cruz.  This has morphed into one of the most interesting street gatherings anywhere.  We saw everything from the very elaborate with lights and custom design, to the guy who threw on a wig and a pizza delivery T-Shirt and called it a costume. 

The important thing is that everyone stayed safe and there were no significant incidents of violence. 

Our staff worked tirelessly throughout the night to proactively address issues and potential issues, not only downtown but also throughout the rest of the city.  

Here are some of the police statistics from the 12 hour period of 4:00 PM on Thursday to 4:00 AM on Friday morning. 

Calls for Service = 282

Arrests = 32 (25 for public intoxication) Those tend to create the most regrettable booking photos!! 

Safety Enhancement Zone/Triple Fine Citations = 16

At the peak, the crowd size was estimated at 20,000

And At Least 1,523 "Nice Costume" comments.  Thanks....we've been working on them all year :-) 

Overall the crowd demeanor was more calm and celebratory.  Officers proactively mitigated a number of incidents involving gang posturing and presence in and around the downtown corridor.

Stay Safe Santa Cruz!!