November 5, 2013

Today is Law Enforcement Records and Support Personnel Day

When most of you think of the police department, the image of the police officer in a car, on a motorcycle or on foot comes to mind.  What you may not realize is that there is a whole team of dedicated and hard working professionals behind the scenes, working to support the organization in a number of ways.  We rely on them to keep essential business functions of the police department rolling.  

This team includes our Records Techs who process tens of thousands of reports, citations, supplements, and attachments each year, 

Property Clerks who process and store tens of thousands of evidence items each year

Payroll and Purchasing Clerk, who makes sure we get the equipment we need, and GET PAID!!!

and our Administrative Assistants who keep the important business functions in order.  

All of this work goes to support the men and women who are responding to your 9-1-1 calls and conducting follow up investigations to keep our city safe.  

Their dedication and professionalism is essential and very much appreciated. 

Thank You Records and Support Staff!