February 12, 2014

Stabbing Suspect Captured in his Campsite

Officers have been in search of 62 year old William Jones since he was identified as the suspect in a stabbing in the 100 block of Coral Street, earlier this week.  

Today, a team of officers headed to the remote areas of Pogonip Park and located Mr. Jones hiding out in an illegal campsite.  He attempted to escape and was found hiding behind a downed tree.  Officers took him into custody and booked him in jail for the stabbing as well as his outstanding want for the local probation violation and an outstanding want for a violating his Parole in Idaho....ya think!!! 

Like many of you, we are amazed that he could be on Parole in Idaho for homicide and on probation locally....seems counterintuitive to us too.  We are just happy he is safely in custody.