March 7, 2014

Alert Parking Enforcement Officer Reports Stolen Car That Leads to Arrest for Drugs and Gun

On Thursday, an alert Parking Enforcement Officer notified police of a stolen car parked in the 100 block of Church Street.   As officers arrived, the driver returned to the car and was driving out of the area.  Officers followed him where they stopped the driver in the public lot at Cedar and Cathcart Streets.

The driver, Mr. David Gomez (a 30 year old Santa Cruz resident) was arrested at gunpoint.

This is standard protocol for stolen cars.  The tactic used is what we call a “high-risk” car stop.  You just never know what the driver of the stolen car has been up to or what they are planning.

It’s a good thing our officers were prepared, because in the car we located a loaded revolver.

Also found in the car was heroin and a full heroin injection kit full of needles, tie-offs, alcohol wipes and cooking caps, cotton balls.  All packaged in a tidy plastic container, like the kind you would use for your fishing lures.   

Wrong kind of fishing though….these lures will only catch the “Brown Tar Heroin Jellyfish”.

Our suspect also had some power tools and identification of other people.  We’ll be looking into those to see if any or all are stolen property.

Kudos to our alert Parking Enforcement Officer…. and great job of “Johnny on the Spot” by our patrol officers.

Mr. Gomez was booked into County jail for multiple felony charges.  He has a solid history of arrests including possession of narcotics for sales.  He has also been affiliated with Sureno street gangs.  And finally… wait for it…..He’s on Probation.

As for the stolen car, it was returned to the rightful owner.