March 11, 2014

Suspect Arrested in Attack Against Women

Quick work and collaboration by our Detectives and our in-house Probation Officer led to the identification and arrest of our suspect.  Allow us to introduce....

Jose Juan Solorzano – (18yrs Santa Cruz resident)

Mr. Solorzano has a nasty habit of attacking women on the streets of Santa Cruz.  Being that he is only 18 years old is of particular concern to us.  

Mr. Solorzano was arrested about 13-1/2 hours after a sexually motivated attack at Bay and Seaside Streets.  He attacked a woman who was alone, talking on her cell phone on the corner of Bay St and Seaside St.    

On Thursday night March 6th at approximately 11:00 PM, Mr. Solorzano attacked a lone female at the corner of Bay and Seaside.  The victim was standing on the corner talking on her cell phone when Mr. Solorzano approached and attacked her.  The victim was able to fight off Mr. Solorzano after he forcefully grabbed and fondled her. 

Our suspect fled the scene and the victim ran home where she relayed the story to her roommates and called 9-1-1.    

The victim is an amazing 20 year old female.  Not only was she brave and courageous during the attack, but she did an excellent job working with our Detectives and sketch artist to give a great description of the suspect and events.     

Here's the sketch she produced with our artist:
Detectives worked throughout the night with the victim and a sketch artist.  In the morning, a Probation Officer working in-house at the Santa Cruz Police Department viewed the sketch and recognized a possible suspect.  Detectives continued to follow up on the lead and successfully identified the suspect as Mr. Solorzano. 

Mr. Solorzano was located and arrested by Detectives in the 300 block of Swift Street at approximately 12:30 on Friday March 7th. 

Detectives also served a search warrant and collected evidence at the suspect’s home on Grandview Street.  During questioning by Detectives, Mr. Solorzano admitted to this attack as well as others that occurred on the West side of Santa Cruz in April 2013.  In those cases, Mr. Solorzano attacked female joggers near Western Drive & Beachview and Escalona Dr. & Olive St.     

We couldn't release the information sooner, because we still had work to do on the cases from April.  

Today, March 11th, Detectives completed follow up on those cases and we expect Mr. Solorzano to be charged with those two attacks as well. 

Mr. Solorzano was booked into Santa Cruz County Jail on multiple charges related to the attack.