April 2, 2014

Four Sacramento Area Robbery Suspects Arrested

On March 29, 2014, four (4) Sacramento area thugs were arrested following a street robbery where the suspects attacked the victim and took gold chain jewelry from him.  

The robbery occurred at approximately 3:10 PM on Saturday March 29th.  Details were withheld until today due to investigative follow up that needed to be completed.  

The arrested thugs are:
  1. Yahir Alejandro Chavez, 22 years – Sacramento resident
  2. Shane Fitzgerald Montue, 21 years – Sacramento resident
  3. Lenel James David Randolph, 23 years – Sacramento resident
  4. Alphonse Gomez Ramirez, 22 years – Sacramento resident
Yahir Chavez
Shane Montue
Lenel Randolph
Alphonse Ramirez
The suspects first approached the victim when he was in a parking lot in downtown Santa Cruz.  Initially, the suspects asked for directions.  As this story unfolds, they eventually got directions of "Go to Jail, Do Not Pass Go".  
The victim then left the area and drove to West Cliff Drive near Sunset Ave, where he parked his car.

The victim was approached by at least two of the suspects who began to attack the victim unprovoked.  The suspects punched the victim several times and pulled gold jewelry chains from around his neck.  The victim fought back and chased these cowards back to an awaiting getaway car.

The suspects fled in their getaway car with Mr. Chazez acting as the "wheelman"  The car was a black 2007 Chevy HHR.

A description of the car was broadcast to all area law enforcement agencies.  The suspect’s vehicle was spotted by "Johnny on the Spot" California Highway Patrol Officers traveling southbound on Highway 1.  The suspects attempted to flee from the officers for a short distance, and eventually pulled over at the Highway One Vista Point Rest Area.  Nice work by the CHiPies. 

The suspects were turned over to Santa Cruz officers to finish the investigation.

All four suspects were booked into Santa Cruz County Jail for charges of (1) Robbery, and (2) Conspiracy to Commit robbery.

Suspects Randolph and Montue are both on active parole.  They were also charged with Parole violations.  Suspect Ramirez initially used his brother’s identity.  He changed his mind when we pointed our what this would do to family relations!  He was also charged with false personation.