April 18, 2014

Help Us Find These Suspects Who Attacked An 86 Year Old Woman

OK Santa Cruz....We need you to step up BIG TIME on this one.  Video below. 

We need help identifying and locating these suspects.  These teens attacked an 86 year old woman knocking her down and trying to take her purse.  Our victim sustained serious injuries, including a broken pelvis.  We need to find these two!! 

On Wednesday April 16th, at approximately 8:40 PM, a strong arm robbery attack occurred on Center Street near Church Street.  The attack involved two males in their mid to late teens knocking down an 86 year old woman and attempting to take her purse.  The males were not successful in getting the purse and eventually ran away. 

The victim and her husband were walking home south on Center street after having dinner at a local restaurant.  The two suspects approached from the opposite direction.  The suspects ran at the victim knocking her to the ground.  While the victim was knocked to the ground, the suspects attempted to take her purse.  The victim had her purse strapped over her head and the suspects were unable to take the purse off the victim. 

Unsuccessful at taking the purse, the suspects fled northbound on Center Street. 

Detectives scoured the area for video evidence from businesses and homes in the area.  Video of the suspects after the attack was located at the City Hall complex.  Here is the video

I know.... I know the video is really grainy and lousy, but it is what we have and we're doing what we can to enhance it.  You can also catch the video on the police department's YouTube channel.  The suspect's description is as follows:

White or Hispanic Males.  Mid to late teens, dark hair. 

Both suspects were wearing shorts.  One suspect had a white T-shirt with a small logo on the left chest and a larger logo on the back, depicted here.  

The second suspect is thought have been wearing a blue and white checkered shirt which he appears to have removed after the attack.  You can see him in the background of the above picture.    

The victim has been undergoing medical treatment and care at Dominican Hospital.  Detectives are working with her for the possibility of developing a sketch of the suspect(s).    We will release a sketch if and when it becomes available. 

Anyone with information, or who might have seen these suspects in and around the downtown or Center Street area are encouraged to call the Santa Cruz Police Department Investigations Unit at (831) 420-5820.  Individuals can also submit anonymous tips via our Tipline (831) 420-5995, our smartphone app, or our Website www.santacruzpolice.com.