April 22, 2014

Security Guard Assaulted at Skate Park - Suspect Arrested

This morning, April 22, 2014 at approximately 8:25 AM, a First Alarm Security Officer was injured in an attack at Mike Fox Park. 

The skate park was closed to the public this morning because a filming crew had a permit for exclusive use of the park. 

Suspect Brain Armstrong jumped a fence to get into the park and was confronted by an on-site security officer.  The officer was hired by the film crew as part of their use permit.

Our last arrest with Mr. Armstrong found him intoxicated  on Mission Street waving a plastic sword around.....  Easy there Excaliber! 

He is 40 years old, and self identifies as "Transient". 

The security officer asked Mr. Armstrong to leave the park.  Mr. Armstrong refused to leave the park and raised his skateboard over his head while verbally threatening the security officer.  During the confrontation, Mr. Armstrong grabbed the security officer’s badge and ripped it from his shirt.  Mr. Armstrong then ran toward his truck in the parking lot of the park. 
The security officer gave chase and caught up to Mr. Armstrong at the truck.  The security officer held Mr. Armstrong in a headlock.  Mr. Armstrong was able to start his truck and threatened to run over the security officer if he did not let Mr. Armstrong go.  Witnesses also reported Mr. Armstrong had a dog in the truck and was giving his dog commands to “attack” the security guard. 

Eventually, Mr. Armstrong put his car into motion hitting the security officer with the opened door, and knocking him to the ground.  Mr. Armstrong then fled the area in his truck.  The truck is a white 1994 Toyota pickup.     

Responding officers located Mr. Armstrong in his truck a few blocks away.  Mr. Armstrong was arrested for Robbery, and Assault With a Deadly Weapon.  Mr. Armstrong  

The security guard sustained moderate injuries and was treated at the scene by emergency medical responders.