May 27, 2014

17 Pounds of Marijuana Seized As Suspects Attempt to Flee From Hotel Room

The moral of this story is simple…..when attempting to traffic marijuana out of your hotel room:

A)   Don’t smoke your own product

B)   Don’t Rent a “non-smoking room” if you choose to ignore “A”

C)  Just don’t traffic marijuana in our town

D)   All of the above

On Monday May 26, 2014, these three were arrested for drug related charges:  Here they are:
Christopher Hudson - 20 Years Aptos Resident
Chance Martinez - 19 Years, Soquel Resident
Tyrelle Antwine - 18 Years, Capitola Resident
At around 6:15 PM, our officers responded to a report of smoke coming from a room at a hotel in the beach area.  The staff was concerned as there was a significant amount of smoke coming from a “non-smoking” room.  This was not the kind of smoke you call the Fire Department for, but rather marijuana smoke.  

When we arrived, we concurred with “that smell” and learned the person who rented the room, Christian Hudson, was currently on probation for…..(drumroll please)…..marijuana sales.

We first arrived at around 6:15 PM and no one was in the room at the time.  Our patrol team devised a plan and waited for the suspects to come back to their room.

At around 7:00 PM our suspects returned and we came knocking…with a key, of course.

Our suspects headed out to their balcony that bordered a 4th floor roof.  The suspects jumped from their balcony onto the rooftop to escape. Big risk, considering Cowell’s beach was 4 stories below if they missed.  Here is their balcony: 

Watch that first's a LuLu
They eventually made it to their car where they found that all their effort was for naught, as we had officers hiding in the bushes with a police canine (Argus the wonder dog).  In case you need to see Argus in action again…here he is.    

Along their route of escape, our suspect left behind a couple of duffel bags filled with bags and jars of marijuana.   
Also in the room, we found more jars of marijuana conveniently labeled. 

In all, just over 17 Pounds of marijuana was seized and over $1,700 in cash.  The cash was neatly banded together in roughly similar amounts. 

Just some of the cash recovered
All Three suspects went to jail for Possession of Marijuana for Sales, and Resisting Arrest.  Mr. Hudson received the additional charge of Violation of Probation.