May 9, 2014

Congratulations to Lieutenant Bernie Escalante - Graduation from POST Command College

Ladies and Gentlemen……Three Cheers for Lieutenant Bernie Escalante and his graduation from the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training Command College.    

Chief Vogel joins Lt. Escalante at his graduation ceremony
Folks, this is no easy feat.  Command College is a grueling Master’s level course lasting 18 months.  In fact, to even be accepted, there is a rigorous selection and interview process.  The program is heavily focused on the study of “futures” in law enforcement; preparing our leaders for the next big challenges. The process includes an intense course of study, reading and many, many, many writings. 

More on the POST Command College program can be found here: 

Bernie’s Capstone project was a futures portfolio that included a research article for publication titled; The Transformation of Law Enforcement in California:  Managing Criminal Offenders. 

Bernie’s project was one of only two selected for actual publication in the Journal of California Law Enforcement.

While many among us have completed the FBI Academy program, Bernie is the first from our department to complete Command College.

We are awfully proud of this guy…Bernie has established himself as a strong leader in the organization.  Bernie is currently the commander of our Investigations Unit and a co-commander of our Emergency Services Unit Tactical Team (that's SWAT for those of you keeping score).  He is an integral part of our leadership team and shaping the future of the Santa Cruz Police Department.

Congratulations to Lieutenant Bernie Escalante!!!