May 19, 2014

Fresh From This Weekekend....Cornucopia of Crooks Captured and Confounded

A few highlights from our busy weekend here in the original Surf City.
Case #1 
On Saturday May 17th just after Noon, two Sacramento women were arrested after stealing wallets from unsuspecting shoppers at Costco.

You have always heard warnings about not leaving your valuables unattended.  These videos will show you why……Watch how quickly an intent thief can steal your wallet. This video shows our suspect making two attempts:

In this video, our suspect makes one attempt, but then is successful when the purse is finally left unattended.  Watch how quickly she moves in when the opportunity presents itself.  
It doesn’t take long!  Fortunately, the Costco security team was on it!  If you are going to be a thief….Costco isn’t the place to try it.  The security team and cameras at Costco are outstanding!!! 

Here is a still shot of her attempting to take a wallet from a purse that is closed.
Here is a still of that video as she took a wallet from an open purse.
Our two thieves tried to flee from Costco security, but were captured when our officers arrived.  

These two were booked into Santa Cruz County Jail for Conspiracy to Commit Burglary (it is a burglary since they entered the store with the intent to commit theft), and Possession of Stolen Property.

Iesha Brown – 20 years old, Sacramento resident

Synsaysha Thomas – 20 years old, Sacramento resident

Synsaysha Thomas tried to identify herself as another person, so… as a value-added service, we also charged her with False Personation of another.

The stolen wallet was returned to the victim and the two out-of-town thieves are in jail.

Case #2 
Case #2 involves words exchanged in passing that evolved into a fistfight and ended as a stabbing in the parking lot of 7-11 on Mission and Swift Street.  This all happened on Friday night May 17th at around 10:50 PM.  Arrested were these two suspects

Gabriel Vegas – 19 years old, Campbell resident

Christopher Amato – 22 years old, San Bruno resident

As the story unfolds, we learned our 42 year old victim was confronted by a younger group that included 19 year old Gabriel Vegas and 22 year old Christopher Amato.  Words were exchanged and our victim found himself being attacked.  In the course of the attack, he was stabbed by Mr. Vegas.  The victim sustained non-life-threatening wounds to his face and leg. 

As Officers charged to the scene, they attended to the victim and broadcast suspect descriptions.  Officer Fincutter spotted the suspects fleeing in a silver Toyota Camry southbound at the Highway 1 bypass.

Suspect Vegas was determined to be the stabber.  He tried to deny his involvement until video from the business told us a different story.

Both suspects were arrested and the knife used in the attack was recovered from inside the suspect’s car.  Also recovered from the suspect’s car was a Glock .45 caliber handgun registered to Amato, and some amphetamines.  Solid work by our patrol teams!

Case #3
And Finally…Case #3 involves a burglar making her way through an Eastside neighborhood on Saturday morning May 17th at around 9:00 AM. Thanks to alert neighbors and quick phone call to 9-1-1, the following burglar was arrested:

Candace Jones – 32 years old, Boulder Creek resident

Ms. Jones was first spotted in the 100 block of Fernside where she entered a home and was confronted by the resident.  They called 9-1-1 and the troops were headed to the area.

Meanwhile, another call came from a resident also in the 100 block of Fernside where Ms. Jones was seen inside a vehicle that was not hers.

As officers were circulating the area, a final call came in from the 200 block of Brookside where Ms. Jones was cornered inside a car where she was caught rummaging through the interior.  The residents were alerted by a motion sensor alarm.  Ms. Jones was trapped by two of the residents as our officers arrived to take custody of her.

Turns out she had a little over $800 in cash, two sets of car keys that belonged to residents in the area, and a garage door opener to a home in the area.   We also recovered a pretty expensive bicycle taken from a garage of one of the homes.

Great work by this neighborhood….calling in that suspicious activity and capturing the suspect!!!

Ms. Jones has a storied history with us.  She has previous arrests for theft, burglary and auto theft.  She is on felony probation with a term that includes, of all things….do not possess keys that are not yours!  We feel like we have her pretty solid on that one!!

And that’s your Weekend Wrap!