June 3, 2014

Three Chances to Play "Name That Thief"

OK Santa Cruz Sleuths…It’s time to help us “Name That Thief”. 

With everything else going on lately, we haven’t been able to put many of these out.  So today we’re going to play a little “catch up” with three cases. 

Each time we have put something out this year, you have answered the call with tips and leads for our cases. Here we go:
Case #1

Don’t be confused by my muffins I am carrying, I actually stole a bottle of Hennessy that is conveniently hidden underneath.  When I left the building I got into a fight with store employees who tried to detain me.   

I lost my shoe as I ran away and the police will soon have my DNA.  Although not quite Cinderella’s glass slipper, I will be trying on that shoe when they catch me, and then trying on a pair of handcuffs.    I am a white male in my earl 20’s about 6 feet tall and skinny.  If seen please contact Officer Carly Cross or Investigations with a tip. 

Case #2

I went to Walgreens and promptly filled my bag full of little Tide Detergent pods and boxes of toothpaste.  After stocking up on these household items, I left the store without paying for a single one.  Once safely outside the store, I stood around and tried to sell the newly acquired merchandise to unsuspecting customers at a discount rate.  When confronted by store employees, I fled on a yellow mountain bike.  If you recognize me, call Officer Adrienne Heebner or investigations with my ID. 

Case #3

I used bolt cutters to cut a cable lock on an expensive bicycle.  Once the bicycle was freed from captivity, I befriended the bicycle and took it as my own.   

The species of bicycle is a black and red Giant 650Z 27 mountain bike.  These images from surveillance video show me stalking my prey until the right moment to move in.  That same video shows me riding away on my new friend.    If you recognize me or perhaps bought the bike from me, contact Officer Ben Whaley or, of course the SCPD Investigations team. Notice my black bag with the Nike Air logo....that's where I hide my bolt cutters.  Here is the bike I took:

In all of these cases, you can contact the listed officer or our Investigation team with tips and leads.  You can also submit anonymous tips via our smartphone app or Website. 

Thanks for helping us “Name That Thief” and keep our street a little safer.