August 30, 2014

Application For Next Citizen's Police Academy Open Now

Dont miss out on one of our highlight programs here at the police department.  Our next Citizen's Academy starts On September 9th and ends on November 18th 

Tell 'em what they'll get Johnny.......

That's right....each participant will get 11 FABULOUS sessions of behind the scenes knowledge and action as you hang out with the likes of our narcotics officers, traffic officers, K-9 Officers and their four-legged partners, detectives (they might even sign a baseball for you), dispatchers, Emergency Services Unit Tactical Team (the long way of saying SWAT), and Da' Chief.  
You will meet the amazing men and women who work hard to keep your city safe. Plus you will get to meet the guy that writes this blog and many other fantastic people in the city.   
 Finally, we'll let you shoot our guns and drive our cars....really!   

Check out our motorcycles!

 And Catch Bad Guys....Well.... "pretend" bad guys!
Spaces are sign up today.  

Get this initial application in to Joe Hernandez so he can get the process started with you.  
Here's the small print.....

As you will be given access to sensitive information and locations within the police department....All applicants will be subject to a background check to ensure their suitability for the program.  You have to agree to and pass this, or we cant let you in!  

We'll see you in September!