October 31, 2014

Alert Citizen Helps us Capture 4 Suspects Breaking Into His Car

4 Suspects were arrested after a homeowner caught them breaking into his car at approximately 4:35 AM this morning.  This all happened on Pelton Ave when the homeowner was awakened by the sound of our suspects breaking into his car.  They called 9-1-1 and got a good description of the suspects and their minivan getaway car. 

Johnny on the spot was Officer Denise Cockrum who found the getaway mobile trying to flee the area several blocks away.  A car stop ensued and all four occupants of the getaway car were contacted.  Property taken from the victim’s car was recovered in the suspect’s car.  Two of the passengers were identified by the victim as having been in his car. 

When we asked the suspects who claimed the property that we recognized as having been taken from the victim’s car….. Mr. Sergio Moro was kind enough to tell us the victim’s property was his.  Mr. Moro is a 22 year old Santa Cruz resident. 
The getaway driver was Ms. Tahja Birney.  She is a 20 year old Santa Cruz resident
In addition to being the getaway driver, she was found in possession of several ounces of marijuana and prescription muscle relaxers, of which she did not have said prescription. 

Two 17 year old male juveniles from Watsonville were also in the car.  One of the juveniles was identified as a Norteno gang member and had a warrant for his arrest.   The other had a warrant from the Juvenile court and was also wanted for cutting off his monitoring bracelet. 

Mr. Moro was booked into jail for (1) Conspiracy to commit a crime, Contributing to the delinquency of minors, and (3) Possession of stolen property.  Ms. Birney was booked into jail for (1) Conspiracy to commit a crime, (2) Contributing to the delinquency of minors and (3) Possession of prescription medication without the prescription. 
Great work by our alert citizens and great job of getting a good description; helping us do our work....and Great work by Officer Cockrum!