October 29, 2014

Couple Arrested Again for Felony Violations

The last time we wrote about this couple, they were arrested after Mr. Pineda was found packing around a loaded .45 caliber handgun in his car 

and Ms. Feurtado was found in possession of heroin and drug paraphernalia, while in violation of her probation terms.   
Back on August 25th, we posted them on our blog here:

Fast-forward to last Saturday night October 25th, our Neighborhood Enforcement Team was out on the prowl and much to their surprise, they found these two out of custody and cruising about on Ross Street near Highland Ave.  For those of you keeping critical stats, they were in a silver Toyota Tercel, License Plate #3NDZ636.  The math on this one is simple:

   This Car
+ Your Neighborhood
= Public Safety Concern

When our officers contacted the pair inside the car, we had our canine officer with Argus the Wonder Dog show up and help with a search.  Argus hit on a Canada Dry soda can that looked like it had seen better days. 

That’s because it wasn’t really a soda can, it was one of those can safes.   

And inside the can wasn’t Canada Dry, but rather a healthy amount of Mexico brown tar heroin with a splash of Santa Cruz methamphetamine.  We also found a digital scale and drug packaging material. 

Ms. Feurtado was once again found in possession of drug paraphernalia, and once again in violation of her probation terms. 

ONCE AGAIN….this couple was booked into jail for felony charges.  Mr. Pineda for transporting and possession of drugs for sales, as well as his felony committed while out on bail.  Ms. Feurtado was booked for violating her probation terms and for being in possession of the drug paraphernalia.

Another great case from our Neighborhood Enforcement Team and Argus!!!