October 8, 2014

Suspect from "Most Wanted" List, Turns Himself In

One of our “Most Wanted” suspects turned himself in to the CHP office in Aptos on Tuesday afternoon.  Our friends at the CHP were happy to pick up the assist on this one and promptly gave Detective Williams a call, letting him know they had his guy. 

Here is our suspect Jesus Tello.  
Mr. Tello is 29 years old and hails from Castroville, CA.  Mr. Tello also goes by the name “Jesse Lopez”. 

Jesus Tello was wanted in connection with a March 2014 robbery at the 7-Eleven Store on Mission Street.  Truly amazing detective work by Detective Damon Williams identified Mr. Tello as one of the suspects involved in this robbery.  According to the suspect, he knew he was wanted and was tired of living “on the lam”.

During his interview, our suspect denied any involvement in the robbery.  His story rated a full 4 “Pants On Fire” as we pointed out his fingerprints were all over the evidence and his image was on video evidence as well. 
Turns out, our suspect was the “Wheel Man” for the getaway car during this heist. 

Off to jail he went.  Good teamwork all around….from the detective, to the media to the CHP.